About Us

We are a group of passionate Maths teachers who have come together under the mentorship of Ms Subhashini Gillella.

We would not only make the kid’s Maths life easy but the BEST!! We believe that the first step is to create the interest and curiosity in the child’s mind and rest will fall into place perfectly!! With our dedicated Guidance, we will ensure that child loves and scores excellent grades!!

We follow a unique combination of scholarly, articulated, written and pictorial mentoring of kids.

We analyze the student based on a test to gauge the proficiency on Maths and build a tailor-made program for the kids. The course includes regular mentoring classes, followed by developmental and comprehensive assessment, and progress is shared with the parent. In addition to academic mentoring, our tutors assist students in assignments and homework as well.

Achieve your goals at Medhaavi

Practice & Revise

Practice makes a man perfect. Revision makes the Practice perfect.

Best teachers

Learn from the best around the globe.

Shortcut Methods

There are no shortcuts in life but we have in Maths.

Why Should You Choose Medhaavi?

Career counseling for the child's future endeavors.

Customized classes as per child’s learning ability.

Quick and easy methods to make Child's life easy:)

Regular Meetings with parents to communicate the child's performance.

Online assessments and evaluation of the child's performance every fortnight.